Property maintenance

Our product range also includes high-quality tools needed in property maintenance, from the ladder to the sander. Of course, guaranteed Finnish production!

Mikko trash can

The Mikko trash can is a sturdy trash can!

Both the working height and the lifting point have been carefully considered in the design. The diameter of the rubber-coated wheels is 80 mm. The front edge is reinforced with aluminum tip reinforcement.

The width of the mouth opening is 280 mm
Volume 18 l
Weight 2.8 kg

RAP-800 shoe-wiping grate

The shoe wiping grate is made of 25 x 25 x 3 mm angle iron. The brushes for the grate are made in Finland. The metal parts are heat-zinced. The brushes are delivered in a separate package, which prevents them from being bent or mangled.

Width 28mm
Length (without hair) 80cm
Weight 7kg

IHT-3 base for shoe brushes

The base for the shoe brushes is made of 4 x 40 steel sheet. The brushes for the grate are made in Finland. The base has a fastening for the grate.


Weight 3 kg

Sander HIE-35

The sander works on the principle of applying vibration: the knobbly wheel shakes the sanding material out through the holes at the bottom of the container. A flap is used to adjust the size of the holes, or to close them altogether. The best sanding results are achieved using a ‘crushing’ setting of 3-6mm, but other materials can be used as well. The container and the lid are made of HD-polyethylene. The sander is delivered in a box.

Working width 60mm
Weight 6.6kg


Trash pliers

Pliers made of steel, plastic cover.
Two different lengths.

Length 90 cm, Weight 300 g
Length 105 cm, Weight 320 g

Entrance Grate

The entrance grate is available in four sizes.

Height x width x length




The entrance grate can also be easily attached
to shoe brush

Small petkele

The traditional stamper / ice iron is well suited for both professional and household use.
Available in 2 different sizes.


Weight 1.50kg
Length 148 cm
Blade height 15cm
Blade width 17cm

Big petkele

Weight 2kg
Length 148cm
Blade height 15cm
Blade width 21cm