Roofing tools

We also provide convenient and safe tools for cleaning roofs from snow.

Mikko roof snow scoop

Mikko roof snow scoop is the best tool for dropping snow off the roof! You can also use the versatile roof snow scoop as a yard snow scoop. The size of the scoop is the same as in the Mikko snow scoop (LUK-80).

We have strengthened the torsional strength of the handlebars by 80 percent by adding metal stiffeners to the sides. The Mikko roof snow scoop can also be equipped with a planing tip.

Width 800 mm
Weight 6.5 kg

Snow dropper

Safely from the ground! Roof snow can also be conveniently dropped from the ground. You can will get a firm grip on the five-meter aluminum arm of the Matti snow dropper.

This tool is best suited for dropping snow off from pentices and roofs on low-rise buildings.

A great tool for cleaning solar panels from snow.

Blade section width: 600 mm
Length 5000 mm
Weight: 2.3 kg