Snow scoops

Snow scoops for professionals and households

Our extensive and high-quality collection includes snow scoops for professionals and households. Our selection also offers its own snow scoops for the little ones in the family.

A few words about history: In the early 1990s, Veikko Hakkarainen realized how snow scoops can be made a more durable and long-lasting tools. The result of Veiko's ideation can still be seen on the snow plate of the snow scoop.

Finnish quality

We make all of our snow scoops from scratch at our factory in Rauma, Finland.


LUK-80 Reinforced snow scoop

The only snow scoop on the market with the end plate edges bent upwards. This way the edge of the snow scoop does not wear down as easily. The scoop section is made of frost-proof, recyclable HD-polythene with a slippery surface that makes removing even wet snow an easy task. The edge cover is made of heat-zinced steel plating. The handle has an inner tube that reaches as far as the snow pusher’s corner reinforcement. This handle design improves the durability of the snow scoop.

Width 800 mm
Weight 6,2 kg

LUK-80K reinforced snow scoop for roofs

The design of this snow scoop is the same as that of the LUK-80 model. The handle’s torsion resistance has been increased 80% by adding metal reinforcements to the sides. It’s the best tool for removing snow from roofs. It can also be used for cleaning streets. This snow scoop can be equipped with an edge cover for cutting.

Width 800 mm
Weight 6,45 kg

LUK-80J snow scoop with adjustable handle

This model has the same size and design as the LUK-80 model, with the addition of an adjustable section on the handle. No extra tools are needed to adjust the handle. Adjustment length is 20mm and the handle can also be turned upwards. The snow scoop can be equipped with an edge cover for cutting.

LUK-80 J
Width 800 mm
Weight 6,3 kg

MAT-73 snow scoop

This model is lighter than the LUK-80 and thanks to this it requires less force when using it. This snow scoop is well suited for cleaning paths.


Width 730 mm
Weight 4,5 kg

LUK-45 snow scoop for kids

A snow scoop for the youngest members of the family. Made of HD-polyethylene.



Width 450 mm
Weight 1,5 kg