Snow shovels

Our high-quality and carefully designed Mikko shovels are suitable for shoveling leaves and light snow, as well as for heavier professional use. You are sure to find yours in our versatile collection.

KUP-35 aluminium shovel

This shovel’s blade is made of very durable Dural age-hardened aluminium. Strong Finnish birch is used to make the shaft and the handle is made of frost-proof HD-polythene.


Width 370 mm
Length 120 cm
Weight 1,8 kg

MIK-LU snow shovel

The combination of aluminum arm and plastic cover gives lightness to winter shovelings. The grip on the shovel arm brings thermal insulation and grip. In the shovel, a top strip brings to the tip increased durability. Also available without a top rail, making it suitable as a grain shovel, for example.

Width: 36.5 cm
Length: 125cm
Weight: 1.4kg